BMK TOOLS® is a French platform aiming at supporting the maturation of the research projects on biomarkers. Through its application module, BMK TOOLS® helps to position the projects along the biomarker value chain and propose expertise for the projects. Our board of experts will select the projects that will benefit from an advisory committee according to the project’s i) degree of projet maturity ; ii) scientific importance/excellence (preliminary results, clinical relevance, feasibility) ; iii) clinical and regulatory impact and iiii) potential to generate numerous stakeholders (financial support, partners). The advisory committees are customised according to the needs of the projects selected which will be analysed on case-by-case basis (technological experts, regulatory experts, clinicians, etc).


By creating an account and filling the online form, the users of BMK TOOLS® fully agree with the charter of rights and duties presented below, which allows us to share the content of the form for assessment and selection of the project exclusively with the BMK TOOLS® board of experts, under confidentiality agreement.


BMK TOOLS® rights and duties charter:


BMK TOOLS’ duties

  1. BMK TOOLS® is supervised by the “Tech Transfer Consortium” of the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health – CVT Aviesan and it offers to organize advisory committees to promote research and technological transfer on the biomarker fiel that will benefit the patient.
  2. BMK TOOLS® undertakes to implement its website and questionnaire according to the best practices in order to meet the requirements of the technology transfer of biomarkers.
  3. BMK TOOLS® undertakes to make every effort with the support of the major research and care institutions, to i) review all the projects and answer the questions raised whenever it is possible, ii) identify the best projects within the national teams in the biomarker field, iii) help for the structuration of the projects.
  4. BMK TOOLS® undertakes ensuring confidentiality related to every project by prohibiting internal and external communication of any confidential document without the project leader’s prior written approval. Generally speaking, each actor involved (invited members of the Board, experts and team) undertakes not to publish or disclose, under no circumstances, the confidential scientific or technical information and data of the project by signing a confidential agreement prior to accessing to any of this information.

The Applicant’s duties

  1. The project leader and/or the Technology Transfer Office representative accepts to complete all sections of the BMK TOOLS® form and provide all scientific information in order to fully examine the project.s
  2. The applicant guarantees the accuracy of scientific data presented all along the BMK TOOLS® online form as well as their origin.